Drivec -a better choice for your wallet and the environment!

Do you have large fuel bills?
Then we have good news for you.

Drivec® Sparsam Körning is our system for eco-driving. There are several systems on the market but oursis the easiest for the user and it gives good results even on a longer perspective.

A good investement, for you and the environment!

Drivec hardware:

  • Drivec Bridge, "the brain"
  • CAN -readers


Drivec software, Sparsam körning:

  • Measures overconsuming
  • Speed-, break- and idle information
  • Tyre pressure, traffic situations, weight, road conditions, wind, temperature and precipitationd
  • Easy target monitoring – green, yellow and red driver
  • Continuous driver education through the vehicle display